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Nagra shoes are essentially an Indian type of shoe with a closed upper attached to the sole. Mughals were the first to use it, and the kings and queens who lived during that period in Indian history were huge fans.


Making Nagra shoes is a time-consuming process; This can only done by expert craftspeople. First, we process the raw hides and then color and paint the components. After that, we assemble the puzzle and complete the final stitching. We are producing new, unique designs in this cultural heritage. Recently, we replaced the sole of these Nagra shoes with crepe rubber, which can give you more comfort than other slip-ons.

Variety and Styles

The M-shaped front of the Nagra shoes, or “Panna,” is frequently beautifully decorated. We gave cultural shape to the new designs, which gave the human touch to the Rajasthani legacy. Designs of Nagra shoes for weddings look very splendid for the groom.

Quality and comfort

We made these shoes with an upper made of artificial leather, an inner made of pure leather, and a sole made of crepe rubber. The comfort of these shoes is also appreciable for diabetic patients. Don’t worry about the last because our expert Karachi Nagra shoe manufacturers have experience making this kind of shoe for more than 30 years, so what are you waiting for?

Occasions and outfit

You can wear Nagra shoes with shalwar kameez, kurta pajama, sherwani, and narrow-bottom pants. It will look perfect. People love to wear it during prayer times because of its slip-on style. It will also enhance the groom’s sherwani.

Care and Maintenance

Clean it daily and polish it regularly. Use a shiner from time to time.
Avoid using it in the rain because it can damage the leather
Store in a cool and dry place when you aren’t in use.
Over time, if you notice any damage or losing threads in Nagra shoes, without wasting a single minute, take them to the professional cobbler.

Why Choose Us

We have the best quality and price. You won’t find this comfortable sole on any other brand. We are producing new designs promptly. You can do an exchange and return at any time. Buy it today, enjoy it tomorrow!

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